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The Numbers Tell The Story



Bannockburn Capital principals have partnered with corporate leaders; including CEO’s, financial officers, investment directors, tax executives and CRA officers to manage the placement of over $9 billion in tax-advantaged/investment equity.


Bannockburn Capital investments have regularly delivered solid returns for clients. We are selective, and driven to find realistic investment solutions that have proven reliable; partnering with our clients from concept, through the internal decision process, all the way through to investment term. We call it integrity; our clients call it our “fierce dedication”.


Bannockburn Capital has funded over 175 multiple-partnership funds over the years. Our clients know that no matter how challenging their goals and the strategy, we’re determined when it comes to supporting them. We stand ready throughout, as the clients resource to facilitate, enable and protect sound investments. It’s a point of pride: providing relief and stability through the complexities of the investment cycle.



Affordable housing projects alone have been responsible for not only generating $115 billion in tax revenues, but also 2.71 million homes and 3.06 million jobs since the year 2000.


Historic preservation tax incentives have, in 2016 alone, generated $5.86 billion in rehabilitation contributing to 108,528 jobs created and over 42,000 projects completed as a result of the 40 years of program. Every one of the 50 states have benefited from historic rehabilitation.


New Markets Tax Credit investments have, during 2001-2014, provided disbursement of $38.5 billion assisting economically distressed communities real estate development, supporting operating new businesses, improving dormant manufacturing facilities, as well as creation or expansion of inadequate healthcare facilities/services.